Welcome to my blog meant to inspire any committed reader to successful living.

There is no doubt that every critical observer today knows that the world is in turmoil. In our own eyes we are seeing disaster after disaster. The parent less generation is on the increase just as human rights abuses are. In such a scenario it is hard to even think successful living is achievable. The infrastructure that tax payers money constructs is, within a short time destroyed by wars. After which tax payers build it again.

Human value is almost not seen as many take it for a game. Besides this, both man-made and natural disasters continuing to send millions to hopeless and  frustrated living. One may ask is there is any remedy to all these. The answer is ‘Yes’ and it starts with the way an individual perceives and interprets life.

Living in a nation and region that has experienced war for the last thirty to forty years, I know how it feels to build a fortune, only to lose it all in a few weeks or even days.  I have also learned what it means to keep ones thoughts calm and focused amidst such turmoil that lasts for years and to start from a scrap not minding the lost years.

However, this takes courage and commitment. The good news is that inside all of us is the ability to succeed and rise up to the top whatever the circumstances and I just cant wait to put this information in to writing. I know that somebody badly needs it and this is the reason for this blog. I know that my experience as a peace advocate, family counselor, a HIV/AIDS pastoral caretaker and writer is going to help some body succeed.

I therefore welcome you  to the ‘Successful Living’ blog and will appreciate that you make your friends as well read.

Congratulations and much love as get the weekly material.