Self – Esteem

Last week I shared with you one of man’s primary needs being SECURITY and depending on how each one of us handles the fear factor, ones security is always an issue in every undertaking in life.

However, in this weeks publication, we are going to see that the second primary need is the SELF ESTEEM. The cyclopedia defines it as an overall evaluation or appraisal of ones own worth. It is a result of our beliefs and emotions. Again this goes back to our environment. Where we grow from and the people who influence us to a great deal, shape the way we think and what we believe in and this can change as we grow depending on the books we read, people we associate with and more so the problems and experiences we meet in life.

There are many devastating effects that low esteem brings about in life. Most divorces in the world today, suicides and even diseases are as a result of a low self-esteem and the more one looks down upon self the more his life sees and attracts negative happenstance. Defensive tendencies and the unwillingness to accept ones mistakes, race, skin color, age and sex are all signs of a person with a low self-esteem. It can also manifest in heavy self-criticism or hypersensitivity to it and the many blame games people resort to. One may also fail to say no, when what is about to happen is completely wrong and will destroy her.

The bible gives an account of how the first couple and how God made Adam and Eve in His own image. On the other hand, it explains how man reacted when they lost self-esteem and calls it the fall of man. The two had to run away from the sound of the approaching God with whom they had enjoyed fellowship just before the fall. They lost all hope and confidence in their God and themselves. In essence they didn’t have the guts to believe in what they did anymore. Adam blamed his wife for the situation and the wife blamed the serpent. Guilt and the blame game are characteristic of a low self-esteem and so are possessive and domineering tendencies. Usually deep inside such a person is an unresolved fear.

Are you so down trodden that you think the only remedy is drugs or suicide? Do you feel the world has rejected you and no body recognizes your efforts? Did your parents, bosses, spouse or any close acquaintance destroy your trust or love for people? Does the success of others annoy and make you envious? The Successful Living blog will pull you out of that dungeon. Your situation may look an incorrigible one, but wait and listen. That is just an illusion. You have a better future when we go through the steps you will learn from here. Life is deeper than most people experience. So watch out for the next of man’s primary needs.

Thank you for being a committed reader of  the Successful Living. Please invite your friends and let us know that you read. Leave a comment or reply behind and together let us build lives and a better world.

Kind regards and much love.


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