The need for security

Thank you for stopping by this blog and showing interest in following Successful Living.

In my first posts, I will be sharing on your primary needs as a basis for success. The first need being: SECURITY. 

As you might be a ware that right from birth, and probably before, a baby starts to respond to the fear stimuli. This is because in every human being, is instilled the security consciousness. As a result, a baby doesn’t have to be taught to fear, does it? It instinctively does it. Fear is that displeasing negative feeling caused by an awareness of a possible threat. On a positive note, it is the ability to recognize danger and flee from or confront it. In psychology this is called the Fight and Flight response.

There are even cases when we fear and yet our minds can not logically understand what we, actually are fearing. This is called the fear of the unknown. Many life and philosophical books have given their interpretation on this. However, the bible traces it back to the days of the first family. They disobeyed the law of moral conscience and ended fearing to meet the God who had told them they would die. Many researches also show that people fear death.

However, when a child is growing up, depending on its surrounding, it starts to out grow some of its fears, but also develops more complicated ones – especially in relation to death. That is why even with all the logical reasoning we develop, man finds himself vulnerable to the fact that, on his own, he is unable to confidently face his fears. Quite often, he asks himself this question; ‘ Am I secure with the next step?’

This goes from personal level, to family, community or tribe and even nation into the globe.

No wonder man has invented, discovered and improved on the most advanced weapons the earth has ever seen. Yet even these, have not satisfied our security consciousness. The security cause still eludes us!

Do you feel terrified by circumstances? Do you lack sleep and work out your energy as a result, or do you know of a dear one who is in the same situation?

In the next weeks we shall share deeply about these needs and their dimensions, thus helping you to deal with them from an informed point. Wishing you a nice week.


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